Cakes + Cupcakes

Peach-Bourbon Butter Cake 
A moist, peach-bourbon yellow butter cake, with brown sugar + cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate-Berry Cake 
A moist, rich dark chocolate cake, chocolate swiss meringue buttercream, seasonal berry buttercream filling. 

Spring Cake 
A light, white cake with citrus zest, seasonal fruit curd filling, whipped cream flavor of choice.

Tres Leches 
Nutmeg and orange zested sponge cake, orange liqueur, three milks, whipped cream cheese frosting. 

Carrot Cake 
The best carrot cake you've ever had. Pecans, fresh shredded carrots, the perfect amount of raisins. 

Curd flavors: mango, lemon.
Berry buttercream flavors: strawberry, raspberry, blackberry.
Whipped cream flavors: rose wine, blueberry-champagne, strawberry, cream cheese.


2-layer, 6" - $60

2-layer, 8" - $70

12 cupcakes - $25

24 cupcakes - $50


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