Peach Fuzz: A Nudie Mag Stripped

In their magazine, Kelly Dugan and Laura McNairy deliver all of the skin and none of the grossness…

(Austin Chronicle: February 2018)


Give Us a Good One: Episode 6

The two founders of nudie magazine Peach Fuzz Magazine drop in to discuss the finer points of sex in a dorm room, racist tow truck drivers, and how a miserable trip through a desert gave them some of the best photos their magazine has seen. Kelly Dugan and Laura McNairy also give some solid sex advice: wash your hands after a crawfish boil…


A Conversation with Kelly Dugan of Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz is one of Austin’s hottest new zines, and not just because there are beautiful unclothed ladies featured within. Created by Kelly Dugan, it’s a shameless celebration of sex and art, featuring sex and body positive original art and photography…